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Cessna 172SP Pattern at OWD 2-5-12

This video is another trip around the pattern at Norwood in the Cessna 172SP N13151.  This is a pretty large category on my channel, so if you're interested in pattern work, you can check out my other similar videos.  151 is a plane I've flown a lot and really like.  I had flown with a CFI a week or so before this flight to work on my pattern approaches.  This trip around was part of a series of landings I did to practice what I'd learned.  The winds were light slight crosswinds and we were using the main runway at KOWD, Runway 35 this day.  The flight was later in the day and the late afternoon sun makes for some beautiful video.  I especially love the shadows of the plane that I was able to incorporate into the take-off and landing portions of the video.  In this video I tried to say out loud the airspeeds I was aiming for during each part of the pattern.  I did this for a couple of reasons, first because I find that I am often coming in too hot and I really wanted to get those speeds under control.  Secondly I did this as a way to give you a sense of what I'm doing with the plane as I fly the pattern.  One little note: near the touchdown point, you can hear the tower call to a Cirrus and he almost says the familiar 168SR but then catches himself.  168SR is the Cirrus you can see in many of my videos and it flies a lot at Norwood.  There are three HD cameras in this video along with ATC audio.  Enjoy.