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Approach and Landing at Keen, NH

This is a video of my approach and landing at Keen, NH. I had flown to Keen (EEN) a few times in training but had never videotaped the landing before. It was part of my long cross-country in fact, going from Norwood (OWD) to Keene (EEN) to Groton (GON) and home again. On this day it was just a good destination based on conditions and the desire to get a little more cross-country time. This video opens as I'm still a little far away from Keene and the flight following controller is letting me know that there is another plane, a Decathelon, heading into Keene from the south west. You'll see and hear the decision making process as I ultimately decide to do a 360 to put some distance between myself and the Decathelon. As the controller suggested however, based on their speed and mine, there was never any real concern about separation. By the time I get to Keene, the other pilot was parked and having lunch no doubt! This video has a good variety of ATC communication and is worth watching if only for that. Not a bad approach, although my turn to final seemed a little late, but it was a pretty sweet landing at Keene nevertheless. There are three HD cameras and ATC audio on this video. Enjoy.