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Bird Dog Cessna L-19 Landing Katama August 2012

In August of 2012 I got to ride along on a fun trip from Katama 1B2, a grass strip on Martha's Vineyard to Cranland in southeastern Massachusetts.  This trip was in a Bird Dog, Cessna L-19 with my friend Paul Santopietro, a CFII who specializes in teaching tail wheel flying.  There will be many videos generated from that trip, but this one is simply the landing back at Katama.  I say simply, but you'll see a pretty tight dramatic turn through base to final onto Runway 3.  The whirring sounds you hear are the motors adjusting the flaps in the Bird Dog.  Paul really knows this plane and it's fun to experience flying in it first hand.  There are three HD cameras and communications audio in this short approach and landing video.  Enjoy.