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Flight from Norwood to Plymouth in the Cessna 172SP

This is a full flight video from Norwood, MA (OWD) to Plymouth, MA (PYM).  This trip was for a morning meet-up with Andrew Blanchard ( who flies out of Marshfield (GHG).  While this trip could be made a bit faster, I decided to enjoy the ride and so you'll hear me reference cruise speeds under 100.  There isn't much to point out during the trip really.  There is a lot of cross-talk chatter on the PYM frequency as I begin to approach the airport.  This is because there are a number of other airports in the region that use the frequency 123.0.  For example you'll hear a lot of calls from planes at Block Island, which is 58nm away!  And the only other thing worth noting is the wind.  As I got the ASOS you will hear that the wind is light but from 310.  And yet you'll also hear the planes using runway 06 at PYM.  The wind was shifting all over the place and so what had probably started out as a light wind more from the east that morning, was now moving toward the west.  But people were still using the east facing runway.  So in this approach, that would end up giving me a high percentage of cross wind and some small percentage of tailwind...but no headwind.  So in hindsight this meant my ground speed was probably higher than I was used to.  More experienced pilots would probably have an easy time with that, but you'll notice that in slowing the plane on the rollout I get pretty far right of the centerline.  It was an interesting learning experience because even though I heard where the winds were, I went with the crowd on the chosen active runway, making my landing less than I wanted it to be.  The wind was so changeable that day that by the time I had the plane parked and shut down, they were in the process of switching the runways 180 degrees!  And by the time I left, I departed from the crossing north runway!  Lesson learned.  This is a 3 camera HD video with ATC audio.  You'll notice that I decided to use one of the cameras for a more direct forward-facing view instead of pointing it at me.  Looks pretty cool on the landing but I would love to know what you think.  Enjoy the video.