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"The Downwind 360" - Cessna 172

This is a video that documents a slightly unusual pattern during practice at Norwood (KOWD).  I decided to include part of the run-up in this video and it starts after I had gone through some of the checklist.  There were some faster planes departing Norwood at the time and so I offered to begin my run-up on a connecting taxiway while the jets passed me on their way to the active runway.  So when this video begins, I had done some of the run-up in the Cessna 172SP but you'll hear me given instruction by ground to proceed to the runway to finish things before takeoff.  Once out there I finish the run-up checklist and it's important to note that after I call the tower for takeoff, he mistakenly starts to call be a Cherokee, and then catches himself.  This becomes relevant a little while later.  So I'm cleared for the pattern and I head out.  It's a right pattern for 35 at Norwood, and on the downwind as I'm getting things stable, just before making my mid-field call, there is a call from the tower to Cherokee 2081-Sierra.  As you will see, I don't answer.  I remember wondering how I had missed that call, but now it's clear that I automatically ignored it because it began with Cherokee.  A few seconds later he calls me back with call sign only and we get things straightened away.  Because of traffic, the tower asked me to do a 360 in the patter for spacing.  Not sure I'd ever done this before, but it made sense and as a bonus, it now gives you a better view of Boston in the distance and Norwood Airport as I come around.  The other interesting thing about this pattern is that the wind had come up after I took off and the tower let me know that they would be switching runways after my landing from 35 to 28.  One plane after me requests 35, but I know that I'll be moving to 28.  As you will see, once on the ground after a pretty nice landing, I exited the runway to the left as I normally would, which is appropriate.  But it becomes clear that the tower had been planning for me to roll out further and exit to the right to head over to the departure end of 28.  Of course, he never told me that, so I ended up going the long way, which was fine.  So in this video, there are a couple of interesting moments where communication is a little less than precise.  It ends with me asking for a squawk code for a flight to Keen, NH.  That will be by next video, so stay tuned!  In summary, there are 3 HD cameras, ATC audio and some interesting pattern work on this video.  Thanks for watching.