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Cessna 172SP Pattern Practice at Norwood (Sept 2011)

A short video, one trip around the field at Norwood.  I was getting the feel of the plane and conditions that day.  All it all it was a successful practice and I learned or re-learned a lot.  This video has no ATC or Coms on it because I neglected to plug in the cord. So what you get is a basic pattern at Norwood in the Cessna 172SP as if you were a passenger not wearing a headset. The only thing you missed in the audio here is an experimental plane behind me asking whether I was going to be a full stop or not. The controller told him I was cleared for the option, and I keyed the mic and volunteered that I was planning a full stop. This was because the winds that day were fairly gusty and I was trying to get comfortable with them. I then heard a thank you from the controller and a mic click from the experimental. After this pattern both the experimental and I taxied back to parking to fly another day. Three HD cameras on this video but only ambient audio.