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Cirrus Flight from SFZ to OWD

This is the video of the return trip from KSFZ to KOWD from December of 2010. Because it's such a short trip and my video duration on YouTube has been extended, I was able to get the entire trip into one complete video. You'll see the departure from the uncontrolled field, North Central State Airport in Pawtucket, RI; the entire short hop (16 minutes) to Norwood Airport, and the landing there on runway 35 as the sun was getting low in the winter sky. You'll also hear several scratchy calls from N13151, the Cessna 172 I also fly, as it gets into Norwood just ahead of me. Not a lot of action here, but since it was a real full flight, I thought it would be interesting to post this way. There are three HD cameras and full audio on this video.