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Oshkosh 2010 IFR Departure Runway 27

This video is the IFR departure from Oshkosh 2010 in a Trinidad TB20, made by PIC John Wellington on Saturday, July 31, 2010. It's important to note that there was a problem recording the audio and so the communications in this video are very weak. But since the departure was likely to be informative for others, especially VFR pilots, and visually interesting, I decided to produce it anyway by using subtitles for clarity. I think it's worth watching as a look at IFR departure procedures from Oshkosh. Pay attention to the workload necessary and note how strict we were about keeping a sterile cockpit. There are three HD cameras on this video, and as mentioned before, some very weak audio. Still worth watching if you're interested in GA IFR departures.