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Cessna 172SP Practice LOC/BC Rwy 23 Approach

This video should interest those of you who are thinking of doing instrument training, but don't really know much about it. Not an actual lesson, this was a flight I took with an experienced safety pilot and friend, from Norwood (OWD) to New Bedford (EWB) to do a practice approach under the hood. For me, it was a first look at the IFR system.

The first time you do this it is a pretty cool experience. Without looking outside the plane, you end up pointed at the correct runway, ready to evaluation your options for a visual landing. Like everyone, I had done some hood work in my primary training, but this flight took it to a whole new level. There is a lot coming at you when you're flying instruments. You'll see that my safety pilot friend did all the radio work and walked me through the procedures while I did my best to keep the plane heading in the right direction at the right speed and altitude. Of course as you'll be able to tell, I had mixed success with this hand flying under the hood. Nothing too far off course, but I'm sure I busted the tolerances several times in just about every direction. As you will see, thanks to my safety pilot's experience and help, it all went well and I got a great first-hand look at "the system." We flew VFR with flight following and made the requests for a practice instrument approach as we went along. There is great ATC audio in this video and two HD video cameras to give some variety. No landing since we went "missed" on the approach. You'll notice that I once again used a clock wipe to designate where I compressed time. The flight itself was less than a half hour, but I reduced it to 10 minutes for this video. If you're following along at home, you'll want to look up the plate for the LOC BC Runway 23 at New Bedford Regional or EWB.