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Getting Re-Checked in the Norwood Flight Academy 172SP

As you can see from many of my recent videos, in fact ALL of my recent videos, I have been exclusively flying the Cirrus SR20. A few weeks ago however,a maintenance problem cropped up in the engine and that plane has temporarily gone offline. I say temporarily although I'm nOt really sure what the long term status is. But something between the governor and the prop has malfunctioned, which means that you can't reliably get 100% power in different phases of flight. I have almost an equal number of hours flying the Cirrus as the Cessna 172, but I hadn't flowing the Cessna since September. What that means when you are a renter, is that you have to get "checked-out" and approved to fly the plane again.

So I headed over the Norwood Flight Academy at Norwood Memorial Airport to fly with my first CFI, once again in the 172. Bottom line is that even with more than 40 hours flying in that type of plane, I had been gone long enough that it took about 6 take-offs and landings to get back in the groove. Some of the re-learning was about systems and "knob-ology" but mostly it was about pitch and speed and flare, always the hardest things about flying. But it all went well. All of the landings were safe and they improved over time. Nice to be reminded that you have to stay current with your flying. Hopefully the Cirrus will come back online soon so I can work to stay current in two different types of airplane.