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Flying Over Plymouth

This is the third video from my flight to KPYM and the Plymouth area in May of 2010. After departing the pattern at KPYM I flew over to the coast and did some turns over the Plymouth Bay. This video starts with some views of that flight. It was a pretty clear day, but as the afternoon wore on, some rough air was building in. You'll hear a pretty funny exchange on the PYM (and other airports) Unicom, where one pilot mentions that there is some pretty good turbulence building "up here" ( at 0:25) then after thinking for a moment, another pilot keys his mic and responds, "up where?" I can only imagine that the original call was in response to another pilot and so both of them understood the location reference. But this exchange is kinda funny anyway. I've since heard from other GA pilots that this particular Sunday was pretty turbulent and as you'll see, I experienced a little of it myself. After the Plymouth sequence, the video transitions to my approach back into Norwood. By this time I had already made the initial call to the tower at OWD and was on a straight in approach to runway 35.

In a few of the early shots you'll see the plane bouncing around a bit. I think you can even see some wing flex in the side views. After being cleared for landing, you'll see me ask for a wind check at 3:29. I don't usually do this, but given how much I was bouncing around, I thought it might help me make the decisions about how to set-up the approach. At that point it was 330 at 12 gusting to 22. As I got closer to the runway however, the rough air calmed down and so I pretty much handled this as a normal approach and landing. The tower guys are great at Norwood, and they were clearly aware of the building wind issues that day, so you'll hear them give me an unprompted wind update on short final at 6:47. By then it was 360 at 12 and so it was quite a bit calmer. I love that kind of cooperation you get from the tower guys at your home airport. It's moment when you realize that in some ways, even though you're alone and you're PIC, there is a bit of a team effort at work. Earlier you'll also hear something you don't normally hear on other approaches I've videotaped, which is the runway 35 marker beacon at about 4:27. Multiple cameras and ATC audio.