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Landing the Cirrus SR20 at Nashua

This video is of the approach and landing at Nashua's Boire Field, runway 32 on Saturday, March 6, 2010. It was the second time I'd flown into Nashua (KASH) but the first time in the left seat. (See the previous video of this airport in the Trinidad video from 11/21/09.)

There are some interesting things to note in this one. Prior to the start of this video, the controller and I were working out a problem with his reception of my transponder. It wasn't there at first and then it was there after I hit "Ident". In this video you'll hear him note that it was gone again but by this time I was close enough that it didn't matter. I had been having some trouble with RAIM on the GPS as well as hearing the Nashua Tower further out, but most of that cleared up once I got closer and there was no evidence of a problem when I departed Nashua later in the day.

Also you might find it interesting to hear how this controller works traffic. He is a lot more interactive with the planes, suggesting turns and positioning. I found this to be very helpful, and clearly he felt it allowed him to tighten things up for spacing. So for people unfamiliar with towered fields, this video will give you a sense of how some of the exchanges with ATC can go. In particular, his comment, "he's wings up on the right base turn now" gave me a great visual reference and you'll see me quickly find the traffic because of that. Nice job by the controller all the way through this video.

Three cameras and ATC audio on this one as usual. Wind was something like 10kts pretty much straight down the runway.