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Landing the SR20 at Chatham

This video shows the approach and landing on runway 24 at Chatham Municipal Airport (CQX) at Chatham Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It was a very nice winter day with light winds and a high thinning overcast as I flew from Norwood down to Chatham.

The flight down was from Norwood to Plymouth (OWD to PYM) and then across a corner of the Cape Cod Bay. This route took me north of the Cape Cod Canal and the airspaces for both the Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station (FMH) and Barnstable Municipal-Boardman/Polando Field in Hyannis (HYA).

This video starts during the approach to the left downwind pattern for runway 24. It was my first time at Chatham and I probably stayed a touch high and fast on the way in, due to the hills, trees and water tanks. Probably could have made some adjustments, but as this was a new airport for me, I think I kept it hot. So as you will see there is a good amount of float on this landing while I burned off some speed. The touchdown was soft and in general it was a nice approach and landing, but as usually plenty to learn from.

There are three cameras on this video and I experimented with some different placements. The main nose camera is up near the front window for a wide angle view of final approach. The secondary camera gives a bit of forward view, but is mostly aimed at me and the panel. And the third and smaller camera is looking off the wing. Not sure I would go with this arrangement every time, but its a good option for a change. I placed one elbow of the main camera mount against the glare shield to try to steady that camera, but on the landing it unfortunately caused some secondary vibrations. Not a big deal, but I tried to minimize the camera shake with editing filters which worked pretty well. Really like showing the view over the nose as the pilot sees it with the expansive view of the approach.

Enjoy the video. Chatham is a great airport to visit.