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Landing Back at Norwood, MA

This was the second day of flying for me on the same weekend in two different planes. The video from the day before is here . On this day I had planning to fly to PYM to meet Andrew Blanchard, a friend for breakfast. Unfortunately every other pilot in New England had a similar idea and so by the time I got there, the sky was full. Plymouth is an uncontrolled field with two very long runways and a great restaurant, so a lot of people use it for practice. I circled to the west listening to the UNICOM, and eventually I entered the pattern, but broke it off because it just felt too congested for my comfort level. I might make a future video of that attempted landing. This video however, is the return flight I made to Norwood, OWD. It starts with the ATIS and then my initial call-up. You'll hear the Tower comment that I had a weak transmission signal, which was part of a nagging communications problem this day. I had a sticky PTT key and those two things may have been related. The rest of the flight is a straight in approach to Runway 35. As I get closer to the airport, you'll hear the controller do a great job handling a pretty steady flow of traffic. You'll also hear that my "other" rental plane, the Cirrus 168SR was being flown in the pattern. For that reason, during the landing sequence I left in a side shot to show 168SR waiting for take-off. Normally I don't interrupt the flair portion of the video, but since it took a while to settle, I thought it would be fun to show the other plane that is featured in many of my other videos. There are three HD cameras and ATC audio on this video.