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STS-133 The Continuing Saga of the NASA Tweet-up

Well, it's been almost a month since I wrote something here.  Not because I didn't want to, but some ofther project always comes up.  In the interim month I began the NaNoWriMo 2010 project which is eating up tons of my time.  I'll try to write more about that soon.  But to update this blog, the launch of Discovery was delayed several times.  I was planning to fly to Florida on a Saturday, have NASA meetings on Sunday, watch the launch on Monday and fly back on Tuesday.  So a couple of days away from work and my family was planning to absorb some of the other challenges.  Then the launch was delayed until Tuesday, so everything shifted by a day and I moved my flight to Sunday.  At that point, it all still kind of worked.

The it was delayed again until Wednesday and that's when I had to think hard about everything.  The NASA meetings didn't move a day, so I would now fly on Sunday, meet on Monday, have some sort of day on Tuesday, watch the launch on Wednesday and fly back Thursday.  It had now become a whole week event.  I also knew that based on early weather predictions, if they slipped another day to Thursday, weather would likely prevent a launch that day, which would mean Friday.  So a Sunday trip might mean an entire week away from home and work.  THAT became a problem in my mind for my life commitments, so I dropped out of the meetings that week.

The Wednesday launch did slip to Thursday and was WX delayed until Friday as I suspected.  On then on Friday during fueling they found a few problems and scrubbed the entire mission.  The folks who were still there had a great time meeting and getting amazing access to NASA facilities and people.  I know they all feel very luck to have gone.  Based on the way it turned out, I was very glad I made the decision I did, for my family and for me.

Now there is talk of Discovery going up in a December launch window, and luckily for me, my opportunity has been extended.  So I am now waiting to know if they plan to launch in the Nov 30 to Dec 6 window and if I can get there, I will still get to see a live Shuttle launch.

Stay tuned and I'll try to write more.