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STS-133 My Connectivity Plans for the NASA Tweet-up

With the approaching trip to Florida to attend the NASA Tweet-up for the launch of Discovery and STS-133, I have several things to consider when preparing. Most of these are like any extended trip; what to wear, what items to pack for weather etc. But one of the big questions for me is what technology to bring to handle the internet connectivity and social media reporting?

You see I am normally always connected at the hip to my Macbook Pro. The only drawback is that it's the 17inch model, which is a big and heavy piece of wonderful computing power. But the key words in that sentence are "big" and "heavy" which in two days of hoofing it around KSC will wear a little thin.




 But then along came the Apple iPad to the rescue and I had to seriously consider leaving the big boy at home.

The iPad is a great little machine with a few little limitations. It really isn't a full-function computer, and input/output is limited by the Apple operating system iOS. But I'm betting that it's enough for everything I need to do. So I've decided to only bring my iPad and my iPhone for blogging, Tweeting and reporting as much as I can while in Florida. I will also leave my Mac running at home where I can connect and run it remotely.





Of course the other issue I will be contending with for both devices is battery life and recharging potential. For that concern I now own a large battery which will recharge both devices multiple times and a Mophie juice pack for my iPhone. With those two additional batteries I shouldn't run out of power on either day. Next, I need to decide what media hardware to bring. More on that soon as my departure day nears.