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My Encounter with an F15

This is the complete video of my flight from Norwood, MA (OWD) to Westfield or Barnes (BAF) in Connecticut. In this summary of the fight which goes from take-off at OWD to landing at BAF, you'll hear audio from flight following and some interesting tower communications at Barnes. When trying to enter the Class Delta there you will hear me being turned away because of an emergency on the field. As you will hear, and F-15 was having potential landing problems and they were clearing the field and raising the arrest cables just in case. As I turned north to avoid the Delta, you'll get a good look at Westover Air Force Base, which I was above at the time. You will also hear me for some reason, start to refer to it as an F16. It was in fact an F15 and apart from delaying my arrival, all went well and the plane landed safely. This is a two camera shoot with one aimed over the nose and the other looking out the passenger, right seat window.