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In-Plane Camera Mount Concepts

Since a few people have asked, here are some of the camera mounts I've been using to record in-flight videos for my YouTube site.  The two I've settled on are a Cleat suction window mount (which can be found online at and an angled Noga Arm with a mini cardellini clamp ( both available from  I've seen some people using clamps onto the dashboard, but in many planes the dash is really more of a sun block and doesn't support weight.  For me that installation seemed problematic.  Here are some pictures of the mounts.

0000500078n686410276_6113561_83102712637_150018350276_686410276_6411829_6276621_nAll of these pictures show the mounts holding a Flip MinoHD which is a great small way to record HD video.  Unfortunately its two main limitations are that there is no line-in audio option and it only holds one hour of video with no option to extend that with other media cards.  Other limitations are no optional wide angle lens option and solid prop artifacting.

Below are a couple of pictures of the two cameras currently in use.  As mentioned and pictured above, the small one is a Flip MinoHD which records one hour of HD video.  You can see from some of my earlier videos on the YouTube site that there is a very solid artifact created by this camera's shutter speed.  For that reason, I am using the Sony HDR - CX100 pictured below to shoot HD video over the nose of the plane.  Still some prop "artifacting" with this camera, but for now it's a nice option.  The Sony is usually mounted on the Noga Arm and the Flip looks toward either me or the ground (depending on the flight) using the Cleat mount.  IMG_3133IMG_3134

One additional piece is a digital audio recorder which I use to record the entire flight in audio.  It makes for some difficult lip-syncing issues in editing, but it captures everything and I don't have to worry about it.  I will post more on this subject as I learn from others and change things up when something better comes along.