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Tips On Navigating Flight Control For the iPhone

84009537So I've had a few requests for tips on how to get higher scores on the iPhone/iPod touch game Flight Control.  I'm not in the very top of the scores but I have managed to get into the 300's.  With that in mind, here are my tips for improving your scores.

These tips refer to Flight Control and the original airfield.

-    Some games will give you better plane mixes than others.  You just need to keep playing to get that favorable mix.  If you make it past 100, you’re probably getting a good mix and can ride it for a while.  My high score is in the 300’s, but my average is in the 70’s.  I crash a lot.
-    Be sure that the jumbo jets get landed first.  Don’t delay them if you can help it.
-    When a plane or copter enters the game, get it attached to a runway, but be ready to change its path if you need to.
-    Keep looking around the whole field, especially those places where you think you are all set.  Often you aren’t and two planes that were far apart have now gotten too close.  You need to make adjustments in flight.  I forget to look back at the GA planes to be sure my paths and separations are good, and that’s where I get some crashes.  That and places where the choppers are crossing the field with other planes.  Oh and if the choppers arrive at the pad at the same time and are too close.
-    Don’t think you have to fly normal patterns.  You can do reverse 180’s.  Often when a jumbo is entering the screen on the right, I take it straight down the runway backwards to then turn on a dime and land.  Helps keep the airspace clear.
-    Keep the planes as close as you can.  You get better at judging this as you play more.  The jumbos can overtake the regular jets, but the regular ones can’t overtake the jumbos, so line them up knowing what might or might not happen.  Also, jumbos land quickly at the end of the runway and you can count on that.  The regular jets often float a little longer before landing, so leave room for them.
-    Again, make changes as often as necessary.  I often have regular jets in line to land, but then move them out of the way to get a jumbo arriving from the left onto the runway.