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Cessna 172SP - Solo Pattern at Norwood

Still in training for my private pilot's license at Norwood Flight Center in Norwood, MA I needed more solo time. So this lesson was a full solo, working on the pattern. No matter how much I do it, I always like getting more experience. So this was a great day to play with the right pattern for 35 at OWD. The winds were calm, the temps were wonderful for February in New England and I set the camera up in a different location. This time I wanted to get a better view of the runway itself, so the camera was mounted on the passenger door window. It was perfect for most of the pattern. You will notice a strong vibration during the first half of take off (I've included two of those here) but it calms down after that. In all there are six landings. The last few were quite nice. The second one was probably the worst as I bounced once, but the 172 is very forgiving. I'll bet my speed was a little fast since I had extended my downwind for traffic separation and didn't adjust enough accordingly. Listen all the way to the end. I love the exchange with the controller.