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Very Complete iPhone 3G Review from Ars Technica

This Ars Technica review and testing of the new iPhone 3G is very complete and confirms one of my bigger concerns.  Using the device full-on as a 3G phone and a GPS unit will in fact drain the battery in several hours of use.  I love the phone, but oddly to make it last for one full work day on the internal battery, it is necessary to shut off two of the main differences with the old phone... namely 3G and location services.  In fact you can easily avoid using the location stuff until you need it, but 3G is quite the power hog and I am beginning a full-day test with it off, unless I need speed away from wifi.  We'll see how it does.  In the meantime, this review is very complete.  If you're wondering whether or not to get a 3G iPhone, or if you just got one and want to fully explore it... this article is a must.