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Roz Inadvertantly "Savages" my iPhone

So I awoke to quite a surprise this Saturday morning. My iPhone in its cradle was buzzing the buzz of instant message arrival about one every two seconds. Buzzzz... buzzzz... buzzzz. So I grabbed it and turned the screen on. Nothing out of the ordinary except that it kept buzzing in my hand and the SMS texting count was rocketing skyward like a pinball counter. At first glance it was at 2,424 text messages. At second glance, 2,425 etc. So this was not normal and not good.

The messages pouring in were all the same. An error message from Twitter being generated by Roz Savage's connection from somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean. "You have sent an invalid keyword. Your message was not delivered. Begin your message with the keyword and try again or contact the compa..."

So it was quickly clear that this was not Roz's or anyone's fault. A glitch in the system was caught in an endless loop of messaging and my phone was being bombarded!

I quickly went to Twitter and shut down the phone link, which has now slowed things a bit, but the barrage continued for quite a few minutes. And several hours later I'm still getting the messages. It reminds me of a time that I set up an auto reply/confirm receipt confirmation loop that nailed Dennis Marinosci's computer with an e-mail loop and eventually I heard him yell from around the corner... "MAKE IT STOP!"

Anyway, hopefully someone from Roz's team will discover this problem and shut it down on their end. If you aren't following Roz, she is rowing across the pacific all alone. Her web site is and you can track her progress there. I don't recommend the Twitter option as there seem to be a few bugs in the system right now.

Luckily I have unlimited messaging, as the total is now nearing 3000. Love ya Roz!