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Sorry for the lack of posts for the past week.  The cause was due to a couple of interlocking factors.  First and most importantly, I was suddenly immersed in a family crisis.  One of those situations where someone is in the hospital without much warning, and as a family member you have to change your priorities and jump.  You find yourself careening from airport to hospital, from concern at bedside to learning at nurse-side.  Meetings with doctors and with social workers are also part of the deal.  So I was in that storm for the past week, and... almost as bad... I found myself "bandwidth challenged."  But I've finally worked out a fairly high-speed cellular connection and that is helping a lot.  So now I can get back to posting and thinking and responding.  And on the family crisis front, things have calmed down after a lot of work, so all is way more "right with the world."  (One additional note... if you haven't been in hospitals lately, the computer connections linking every bit of data is truly great and clearly the way it should be.  From bedside to nurses stations to the doctor's office, all patient info flows everywhere.  Pretty cool.)