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Turning In my Last ICE Car

For about a month now I've been exclusively driving my new Nissan Leaf and loving every minute of it.  And because of timing delays, my previous car, a gasoline powered high performance vehicle sat in the driveway unused.  It's funny but I never really wanted to drive it again after making the switch.


Today the time finally came to turn in the old car and fully move on.  It was an odd experience getting back into the seat of my gas engine car.  This one was even more old school with a manual transmission no less.  So there was a half hour drive to the dealer to think about the change sitting in my old car.

First,  I was surprised at how firm the steering was compared with my Leaf.  Of course it billed itself as a sports-type car, so I assume that the steering was made to be more firm.  And I had driven it like that, and had enjoyed it for several years.  But when compared with the easy steering in the Leaf, and the overall lighter floating feeling of driving the Leaf, I didn't like how it felt as I drove it to the dealer.  That comparison would probably have been true with any sporty steering vehicle, but it still left me looking forward to getting behind the wheel of my Leaf again.

The other major change, besides eliminating the use of gasoline completely was that for years I had been driving manual transmissions.  I'm one of those people who just loves shifting gears and I was worried that when I climbed back into my old car I would be reminded how much I miss it.  But although it was fun to drive a stick again after a month off, I didn't miss it enough to regret my decision.  I'll drive a stick again from time to time, but I can honestly say that I don't mind the change if it means driving a great car like the Leaf.

So I arrived at the dealer and dropped the car off with the usual song and dance about wear and tear at the end of a lease.  And that was that.  My wife drove me home in her car.  Yes, it runs on gas.  It also is larger, holds our two big dogs and goes long distances when we need it.  So having both is really part of the equation for us.

Anyway, after turning in my past… I couldn't wait to get back in my future… the Nissan Leaf.  

Coming soon, my thoughts about range anxiety and how hypermileing is more than replacing my love of shifting.


Living with a Leaf (A Nissan Leaf Blog)