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Random Notes After One Week

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- Love this car!

- My dealer (Marlboro Nissan in Massachusetts) has been amazing!

- Driving while watching the miles per kWh indicator causes you to be hyper aware of every little hill like never before.

- More than 90% of the time, the trickle charger can "fill me up" overnight.

- The air conditioner doesn't impact results a lot, so if necessary go ahead and use it.

- There aren't as many public charging stations near me as I would like.  (On a side note, searching for public charging stations is a fun past time, but can drive the family crazy.)

- With young children in the back seat, the fact that the window lock switch also locks ALL the windows including those on the driver side (except for the driver's own window) is a big design flaw.  I predict they will change this in future models.

- Driving in ECO mode is just fine, and I enjoy how the B mode reminds me of my past manual transmission.

- But driving in plain old D mode the Leaf has great pick-up for merging or passing.

- Highway driving pulls more power but the car behaves just great.

- I love this car!

Living with a Leaf (A Nissan Leaf Blog)