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Real World Test - Day One with the Leaf

The first day of ownership, with a fully charged battery, I set out on what was a fairly long trip in my new Leaf.  This was far from my normal routine, with an expected 40 mile round trip among other side stops.

I was actually hesitant to head out this day in the Leaf, figuring I would plan instead to have some "safer days" under my belt first.  Also, because of the change over in cars, there was an ICE car available to do the job.

In addition to my "new owner" skittishness, this trip was being made to bring a relative to and from a very important health appointment, so I didn't want anything to go wrong.

But my very supportive wife convinced me to use the Leaf, since 40 miles was well-within the 75 mile limit I had read about, and after all... "you bought the Leaf so you should use it!"  Why waste the gas and add more pollution to the world?

The trip went great.  I'm finding that driving in Eco mode is actually a great way to go, and I only switch out of Eco when I need quick acceleration.  I'm not trying to drive this like my gas cars, but rather driving it like the goal is to conserve as much energy as possible.  A very interesting adjustment to make.

We were careful with using climate control.  This was ultimately an 80 degree day and I wasn't really confident enough to spend energy on cooling vs getting home.  So on the way to the appointment we used NO AC, then on the way home we cycled it a bit to keep things quite comfortable.  It turns out, that my concerns were unwarranted as I ended the entire day with 40 estimated miles left.  It turns out, we had enough room to spare for allowing a little comfort.

I learned a lot on this trip about many of the car systems, slowly becoming familiar with everything from the navigation system to the radio and phone software.  Lots more to learn, but this was a great real world first day of driving.  My next day it turns out was more typical of what I expect my use case scenario will be, about 15 miles total and so the two days together were quite manageable.  Even considering the fact that at this point I am only "trickle charging" on 110.  But more later on charging.  Man am I loving this car!



Living with a Leaf (A Nissan Leaf Blog)