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June 16 - My Father's Day Gift for 2013

Through no purposeful planning, and with some degree of luck, today on Father's Day, I finally took delivery of the most amazing car I have ever owned.  OK, that's probably a bit much.  I've driven and owned a lot of very cool cars in my life but I can easily say that the car I got today is the most exciting one I've ever owned.

Today I brough home my 2013 Nissan Leaf.

That's right, my most exciting car ever, is an all electric vehicle.  In fact that's the main reason for my solid enthusiasm for this car.  A measure of it would be present in my head for any EV simply based on the paradigm shift it represents.  And of course this car is just so well executed in my opinion, that it moves the car that much higher on my list.  Bbut we'll get into all that in future posts.

OK, maybe I'm in the new buyer's forcefield right now.  I mean I haven't even given it a single real-world driving day yet.  But I have been watching this car ever since I test drove it prior to its initial availability several years ago.  At that point, the roll-out into New England was too far off compared with my lease expiration at the time, for me to even be able to consider getting a Leaf.  It was a no-go at that time, so I moved on.  But I kept a close eye on the car.

Now, two models later (with many design improvements) I was finally in a position to make the jump from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars to an EV.  And now the real fun begins.  I will try to blog here often to update my evoution and use of this very cool machine.

How cool is this car?  I'm giving up my BMW to make the switch!  Call me crazy, but this is fun stuff.

Living with a Leaf (A Nissan Leaf Blog)