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SMAC152 - AOPA Fly In – Norman Oklahoma


This is a special edition of the Stuck Mic AvCast. Our reporter in the field, Russ Roslewski was in Norman Oklahoma for the AOPA Fly In. AOPA fly-ins happen around the country bringing many people together in the aviation community. This event broke all previous attendance records with over 7500 people including 500 planes. The AOPA Fly In’s are a great place to learn, share your passion for aviation, and help advocate for the GA community.  Listen here.

SMAC 149 - Pilot Partner Founder Ken VeArd


If you have used an electronic logbook, or have an interest in switching to one, we have a special treat for you. Ken VeArd, who has harnessed his technological skills with his passion for aviation to produce a truly innovative, easy to use, and practical electronic logbook. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Ken about his passion for aviation and his electronic log.  Listen here.

SMAC144 Airshow Entertainer and WWII Reenactor Theresa Eaman

For over a decade Theresa Eaman has been touching hearts and souls through her singing and moving performance at airshows. I first heard Theresa at the WWII Weekend in Reading, Pennsylvania and most recently at Sun N Fun. I am excited to have this lovely person, outstanding performer, and fellow aviation enthusiast on the show. Theresa Eaman is a patriot, outstanding entertainer, and accomplished WWII reenactor.  (Read more and listen to the show here.)

SMAC140 Aviation Podcast Pioneer Kent Shook

Cruise Flight:

  • In The Beginning – The birth of aviation podcasting.
  • How Podapalooza began and where we are today
  • The melding of Kent’s aviation background and technical background.
  • How Kent developed his passion for aviation and what he flys now.
  • Kent has figured out many ways to have fun with his ratings.
  • There’s always that “next rating” you can go for
  • Flying club benefits.
  • He’s figured out how to have a mission for flying, and not just do the same old stuff over and over.

(Read more and listen here.)

SMAC139 Squawking and Talking

Rick has released another book: Tabitha Fink, Ninja at Night. It’s a great kids book about being afraid of the dark.

Cruise Flight:

Reader question from Blog:

First Question:

Controller: “Cessna 123NU squawk 2343, maintain 2000 on departure”

You: “Cessna 123NU, two thousand, squawk 2342?.

Controller: “Cessna 123NU read back correct contact ground on 121.9 for taxi”
Read back correct???  Click here to listen to this episode.

SMAC137 Flying With Diabetes, Jeppesen Chart Enhancements, Hold Short Of Where?

Cruise Flight:

Flying with Diabetes : Raising Diabetes Awareness

Jeppesen Enhance the Charts in 2016. We will discuss some of the changes and how you can learn more at their training site:

Jeppesen Chart Changes for 2016

Hold Short of Where? Understanding The New Taxi Procedures. – This article was based on safety reports from 2011. In March of 2014 there was an ATO policy change and update to the pilot controller glossary. The following are links to the taxi diagram and the ATO Policy Change. I was going to change the original article but will rewrite and link to a new article incorporating the changes. I want to leave the old article because it demonstrates the confusion amongst pilots and controllers that led to many safety reports and a change in the policy.

ACP132 Why Disability Insurance Is Unique and Important For Airline Pilots

Aviation Careers Podcast

"Today I want to talk about a sometimes uncomfortable topic, which is disability insurance. It has happened to me and I’m sure it has happened to some of you listening to the podcast. You get the dreaded letter from the FAA or you go to your medical exam thinking everything is ok but the FAA thinks otherwise."  Click here for more at Aviation Careers Podcast.

SMAC133 Winter Flying, Stabilized Approaches, and Flying Sick

Eric, Rick, Victoria, Larry, Russ and Carl are all here to discuss winter flying, stabilized approaches, and flying when sick.

Preflight Checklist:

Sponsor: – Scholarships, Career Counseling, Interview Preparation and more. Go To

Cruise Flight:

Flying Sick – Tis the Season for Colds